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Monday, November 27, 2006


About 100 years ago, Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore in his poems and novels had written incidents that are occuring around us today. Believe it or not, it is a true fact.

You must have read RAJARSHI by Rabindranath Tagore in the Bengali syllabus of ISC Exams. If not, then you must have read the poem BISHARJAN by Rabindranath Tagore. If you still havent, let me summarise the whole story to you.

The whole story goes on like this: -

Gobindamanikya a great king of a small kingdom in the state of Tripura was a great human being. He was loved and respected by all in his kingdom. He had a head priest cum minister in his court called Raghupati. He used to provide all wise decisions to the king. There was a mandir in his kingdom called Tripureshwari Mandir. Raghupati was the head priest in this mandir. People in the kindom, being very religious minded, respected and feared Raghupati more than they did to Gobindamanikya.

One night Gobindamanikya had a dream that sacrifice of animals in the mandir needs to be stopped as Goddess Kali was tired of the blood stains that flowed through the stairs of the mandir. He ordered this to the people in his kingdom.

But Raghupati being the head priest of the mandir did not like the decision and he maliciously turned the people of the kingdom against Gobindamanikya (by emotionally blackmailing them in the name of religion). He even wanted Gobindamanikya to step down from the throne and wanted the step brother of the king, who was called Nakshatrarai to be the next king. So he played politics against the king in his own kingdom and made Nakshatrarai violent against Gobindamanikya. Gobindamanikya loved his step brother,Nakshartarai more than himself and seeing Nakshartarai so much eager to sit in the throne, offered him the throne and prepared to go to exile.

Thus Raghupati was successsful in dethroning Gobindamanikya and in his place made Nakshartarai the king, who obeyed Raghupati in every action he did as a king. Thus Raghupati was the invisible king who again started the custom of animal sacrifice in the kingdom.

There was more to this story about how Gobindamanikya got back his throne by the help of another priest of his kingdom called Billonthakur. But I will not go to that area and would like to show my readers that in todays world there are some cruel Raghupatis who to fulfil their own desires and needs and hunger for power dethrones the Gobindamanikyas of today.

The same thing has occured to Indian Cricket Scenario.

Sourav Ganguly (like Gobindamanikya) was the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and was leading the team to many victories, but soon the team coach was changed from John Wright to Greg Chappell. Greg Chappell (like Raghupati) is a cruel man and had some clashes with Ganguly and soon by misusing his power dethroned Ganguly from the throne of Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and even put him outside the team. Chappell (again like Raghupati) played such dirty politics against Ganguly that its almost two years and Ganguly who had more than 10,000 runs in first class cricket and more than 4000 runs in Test Cricket, and he also being an all rounder, was never allowed to play a single match for India after Chappell came to power, even though he was in great form.

Chappell even made Dravid (like Nakshatrarai) the captain whodid and even does everything that Chappell commands him. Initially Ganguly and Dravid had great frienship but it was broken by Chappell and his policies. Now Chappell shares a great rapport with Dravid and Dravid as he tasted power is prepared to act against Ganguly and do anything that Chappell commands him.

Im sure this situation will soon disappear and soon there will be a Billonthakur who would come to the rescue of our modern day Gobindamanikya. Thus Sourav Ganguly will again rule and I can see that the day is not so far.

What do you say? Long live Sourav. Long live Kabiguru.