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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Rising 1857 - The Sinking 2006

The Rising 1857

Yesterday, at last I saw the film “Mangal Pandey – The Rising” in the afternoon at Sony SET Max. It was a so-so kind of film. Nothing special. But the historic events made me see the film with interest. Aamir Khan really looked awesome and he really looked like Mangal Pandey. I could say this after watching the hand drawn picture of Mangal Pandey they showed at the end of the movie.

Gen. William Gordon was really a good chap. He always went on saving Mangal but at last Mangal hit Gordon at his right knee with his sword. That was really inhuman on the part of Mangal. I felt like cursing Mangal at that time.

Previously Gordon saved Mangal when Mangal fought with a gora-sahib for mis-behaving with Rani Mukerjee – the lady love of Mangal and the Naanchne Wali minus whore. When Gordon saved Mangal, the smile Mangal gave to Gordon, with blood in his mouth and face was enough to make Gordon run away in fear. But actually he didnt do it. Thank God else the film would have been more flop than it was.

The role (a jhalak) of Bahadur Shah and Rani Lakshmi-bai of Jhansi -played by Varsha the heroine of 80s was so real.

Another incident that made me go for the British Indian soldiers and against the gaon-walos were the Sati.(burning the widows in the pyre of their husbands, practiced by Indian-Hindus before the British came to rule India) Amisha Patel was going to be burnt in the pyre of her 90 yr old husband and this was saved by Gordon and Mangal. As soon as Gordon brought Amisha to his house, I got the signal that some chemistry is going to develop between these two. That is what happened. Both started romancing each other and started living together – just see that Live Together concept was prevalent with the British and Indians even in 1857. Todays teenagers think it is invented by them. Huh!

Rani Mukerjee was really looking hot & sizzling when she was being sold along with many other girls in the Market place and she was being watched by Mangal. Normally I don’t like Rani’s looks except in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Chalte Chalte but the above scene she was looking awesome. Sometimes she looks awesome but most of the times she is not that striking.

I felt like using “kacha-khisti ” ( using slang languages in Bengali) to the villagers and the British Indian soldiers for their fighting with the British just after Mangal’s hanging. Could they not do this before Mangal was hung to death? They feared the soldiers from Rangoon (currently Yangoon) like tigers or any other wild animal. Mangal requested all to fight against the British along with him but no one listened. Had they listened then, Mangal would have been saved. The hanging scene was really touchy. In that case we would not have seen this film Mangal Pandey because in India only dead people get their due recognition but a living man never gets it.

I liked the scene when Mangal said that he wanted to meet Rani and when their meeting was arranged on the roof top of the red light area building. This scene was quite romantic and Rani throwing her ghungroo to Mangal and Mangal picking it up was cute. It was a moment of Love.

The meetings of British Indian soldiers (sepoys) with the two Indian kings, one Marathi Hindu and the other Muslim at late night and their conspiracy against the British had a feel of Unity in it.

Over all I would rate the film 6 on 10 as the story line was not that free flowing. One who does not know the story cannot get the story by seeing the film. More historic events could have been added. The dialogs and drama was okay.

The Sinking 2006

Last evening I heard the sad demise of Mr.Anil Biswas the State Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxists). It was a sad day for all attached to him. Hope the Bengal Goverment finds his replacement soon. Its difficult. I know.

He was an orthodox party worker for the liberals and a liberal for the most orthodox veterans of his party. He was the architect of Buddhadev Bhattarcharjee Government.

On his death Mamata Banerjee (leader of the opposition party) said that though they had political differences, still he was a very good man and a good leader. Quite unbelievable. Na?

Another news I read last evening on The Statesman Newspaper and was shocked .In a small village in Rajasthan, a man and his family tortured his wife very much for not being able to give the mans family enough dowry after their marriage. The torture went to such a level that the wife complained that her nipples were brutally cut by her husband with a knife. After interrogation the husband said that he did it with his teeth. Just imagine. This is the amount of torture girls have to face from their men as well as others in their men’s family after marriage. Is there any Law and Order in this country? I doubt. I am in a loss of words and really can’t write anymore.

NB:- I will be away from Blogspot till the 28th of April 2006. It will be my hibernation period. Because of my Exams at IISWBM. Till then good bye. Please leave your comments here. I love to read them. I would be happy if you add my name and blog address in your blog. Bye and Thank You for reading the post. I’ll be back after 28th April, 2006. I promise, I'll be back. Love you all.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Things I dislike in People:-

Things I dislike in People:-

There are many types of people in this world and out of them; some are intolerable, so much intolerable that one feels sick meeting these people. I am listing 10 such people whom I don’t like at all.

1) Address seekers: - There are some people who with a chit in their hand having some address written on it, stands in front of the same building whose address is in his hand and asks you “Could you please tell me the direction of the building mentioned on the paper?” They are so callous that they don’t see, the name of the building is written in bold letters in front of the building. Horrible!

2) Mr. Bad-Breath: - Some men in the bus that stands just beside you, facing towards you and exhaling all his bad-breath in your face. The amount of pungent smell that emits from their breath is enough to make you sick for the rest of your life with a severe pain in your stomach. It seems that all the garbage of their locality is dumped in this mans mouth! Don’t they ever brush their teeth? Eeeeks!

3) Eternal Diggers: - Some people who keeps on digging their nose, without caring where the are. At office, inside bus, in public places, wherever it is, they keep on digging their nose. Such people should get a job at once at the coal mines. Nasty people!

4) Grazing cows: - There are some of these chewing gum guys who keep on chewing, chewing-gums and blowing those bubbles out of it and bursting them when they are fully blown. I don’t know what pleasure they get in doing so. The amount of smell of pepper-mint that emits from their surroundings gives me head-ache.

5) Farting champions: - While walking on a deserted street, there are men in front of you, who suddenly stops walking, stand still, juts out their bum and farts so loudly that it is enough to produce so much gases, that a whole days meal can be easily be cooked out of it. I wonder how could people have such bad habits?

6) Sucking noisers: - Some people eat so loud. While they suck their food in through their hand or spoon, a strange pulling sound come out form their mouth. Something like “Sssssssswwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppp”. This sound is more profound when people drink liquid like tea, coffee or cold water and so on. Bloody suckers!

7) Leaking pots:- There are some people who pees every half an hour and they don’t care where they are doing it. Roadside, on the foothpaths, a corner of a building, anywhere………. So to keep the balance they drink water every 15 minutes to the water balance. Such people drink water more than what a hippo drinks inside water. They should be made to wear adult diapers to keep their biological process going.

8) Smelly Tots:- Such people after peeing comes out of the toilet and suppose you enter the toilet just after that, the amount of smell you get from the toilet can make you senseless then and there without any ifs or butts. Such smell can be a good alternative to tear-gas to drive away angry mobs by the Kolkata Police during Elections. He He.

9) Cell-phone dar-lings: - Such people keep on talking on cell phone through out the day. Usually these are girls and have lots of boy friends and so called brothers to call them and talk with then for hours and hours. Sometimes I wonder how people could have so much money to call somebody for long hours, unless they are calling a Tata-Indicom Mobile from another Tata-Indicom Mobile (Why? because its free locally) Sometimes I even think that such girls pretend to talk on the mobiles while in actual there is no one in the other side. These are ways to attract people.

From far, it seems that such girls are talking to you or some unknown object but when you come close to them thinking “Hurray! It’s my day today” and start dancing, then you find to your dismay that they are on their cell phone talking to their dear brothers. I remember there was an adv on the TV channels some years back, just like the above.

10) Button pressers: - There are these types of people who keep on pressing their cell phone buttons the whole day. May be they are playing games or may be they are checking out the functionalities of the cell phones but how long? Don’t they get bored with the same thing over and over again? Great tenacity! I should admit.

So, these are the 10 of those people whom I dislike the most. There are 100s of people of other types whom I dislike but I don’t remember all of them, and I will again write more about such people in some other post.

Disclaimer: - Another thing I want to say that I don’t fall under any of the above 10 categories and so please so not ask me any such question. Hope you have enjoyed this post.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sukumar Ray classic in English..............

Enjoy this Sukumar Ray classic in English...

In Posta, I heard it being said
That you are getting your daughter wed
That Gangaram is the groom to be-
Want to know his pedigree?
After all, he aint a bad man
Though his colour is highly tan.
The shape of his face is right
Like the owl that comes at night.
In studies, I would like to state
Its hard to find someone so great-
Nineteen times he tried to pass
The matric when he stopped at last.
Asset wise they are also fine
Being slightly over the poverty line.
His brothers are not at all bad
One's headstrong, the other's mad,
The third son was brought up well-
He forged banknotes and went to jail.
Playing tabla is what the youngest knows-
He earns five bucks from standup shows.
Gangaram is oft dow n in bed
With ailments of the spleen and head
But his lineage is a royal one-
His forefather being king Kansh's son
And Shyam Lahiri of Bonogram
is somehow related to Gangaram.
Now, of course, I feel, without a doubt
That a groom like him would make you very proud.

Disclaimer:- Friends, this is not my creation. The origin is unknown. I have received this from a colleague cum friend of mine at office called Arijit (Arijit Chowdhury) which he got from anothe senior colleague called Nabarun-da. (Nabarun Roy).

What ever it is this is a real classic.

Happy Blogging.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

8 Things I want in my Beloved

I got this idea from ARANYI
8 Things I want in my Beloved :-

1. She should be Love me the Most in this Whole World and be possessive about me and marry me. (should not run away when asked to marry me because most girls of todays generation do this, citing examples like "I am a Career-istic Girl" and blah blah blah......)

2. Should be Intelligent and should understand me well.

3. Should look as good as Gayatri Joshi / Smita Patil / Chitrangada Singh. (Thin/Average, Tall and Dark Complexion.)

4. I am possessive and so she should be mine, mine and only mine. (Committed to me as I am to Her). Rest is up to me. I will surely handle everything carefully.

5. Should be able to cook food. Average would do as she can always learn. I too can help her out in this matter. I am a good assistant.

6. Should be a lady with many good qualities and a good singer.

7. Should be independent, confident, caring and a good wife.

8. Should be DEVI. ( DVC ) my BEST FRIEND and show respect to her and my parents and all elders. Possess good family values.

What about 8 things you want in your Beloved, friends? I tag all of you............... who are reading this post.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How boring I am?

How boring I am?

I am till date the most boring person I have ever met in my life. Yes it is true. That is why I do not have any girlfriends. Girls like to befriend a boy who has good sense of humour. I never had a good sense of humour. I have never understood what a sense of humour is and I find the concept very silly. Many of you will feel “Oh from which planet this creature belongs to?” reading this article, but believe me this is me (HOTWINTER).

I have never been among group of friends. Nowadays I see in various academic institutions, offices, people tend to form groups and enjoy themselves in groups. I had never been a group man. Being in group gives me a high temperature. I just don’t understand what these groups are for and what advantage do I get from a group. May be because of my boring self, I have never been given admission to a group.

My LIFE has also termed me as the most boring person she has ever met. My boring nature is so intense that I can never create jokes among friends or make other laugh at my jokes. Yes people do laugh at me but when they find me trying to create jokes and failing at each attempt. Thus I make a joke of myself.
When my friends crack jokes, everybody laughs except me. I don’t laugh because sometimes I don’t understand them, and at times I don’t feel like laughing at the silly jokes. I find them silly.

After spending some time with me people understand the amount of boring glows I radiate. They cannot leave me at once for the moral values they possess, but after that day, they do not ever like to meet me.

Take for an instance, I receive an sms from a friend and the poor guy spends Re 1 in expectation of receiving back a complimentary sms from me. But I being a miser and a boring guy, never sms back to this friend of mine. In frustration the friend breaks all contacts with me. This has happened with me several times.

There was another friend of mine, Anirban Chatterjee of Harish Mukherjee Road (near Harish Park) in Bhowanipore, who used to give me a missed call every night. He did this for 6 months. I never felt like giving him back a missed call. Seeing this he broke all contacts with me now. Now he is in Chennai doing his MBA. He even tried to give me missed calls from Chennai but in vain. Now there is no news of him.

Coming back to “how boring I am?” , you all should know that if you make me stay in any place, all alone by myself, for a whole day or for many days, I have no problem till I get proper food and proper toilet facilities. I can stay in a lonely place, without anything interesting around me rather nothing around me of my interest, all alone by myself. I really have no problem. This is me.
One question might have come to your mind by now, what will I do then in that confinement? Yes I will think about many things, my past, my present and my future, about different people, different things. I will also sing my favourite Kumar Sanu numbers and I will be the spectator.

If you call me and talk to me over the phone, you will understand how boring I am. I repeat each and every thing about 10 times, to be absolutely confirmed about the things I have doubt in my mind. I might even suspect you of something which you have not done. I am a great suspicious person and suspects people who are really not worthy of suspicion. So, are you getting, how boring I am?

When I was under training at my office, I bored my bosses so much that they seldom spoke to me and raised their eyebrows when the saw me. So I was made to sit along with people of other departments, even though I was working for my department. Ha Ha.

During my training my seniors and bosses asked me some questions regarding my area of work. The answers I gave to them were so frustrating that they got very angry at me and cursed me at their mind. I always gave them the wrong answers, or linked something with another thing which do not at all have any resemblance. This is again me.

I never took studies seriously in my school. I used to think, “What will I do by studying so much?” I am not going to conquer the world. Now I understand how fool I was then. I still repent for not studying then. In college I again started studying and did reasonably well only because of my LIFE’s motivation.
While at school I never had good rapport with the teachers. My friends used to put OIL (not the OIL INDIA LIMITED ) on the teachers so that they got good marks in the exams. Even when they received the checked answer-scripts, they ran after the teachers and begged for 2/3 more marks. I never did so since it was not my nature and I never felt like doing so.

That is why my friends got good on/off campus placements at respected companies with high salaries but I had to wait for 1 year to get into this small job (with all respect to the idea that no job is a mere job) of mine.

I never had any aim, ambition(No not the bike by Hero Honda) in life. Never. Still I don’t. Even if I have some, the environment, situation, circumstances do not let me achieve my goal. My goal is also averse to my reaching it.

By now you might understand what kind of a creature I am. All the above qualities I posses gives a boost to my being such a boring person.
That is why I always say, “My posts are boring and I am more boring than the boring posts”. Good bye.

My office,

Monday, March 06, 2006


Gays are one of the most dangerous creatures one might come across and I recall few incidents when I met gays and ran away from them as fast as I could.

I used to visit cinema halls and watch films alone in those those days. those were school days when I was in class 11/12 or college days. Sometimes I used to visit the halls with my friends Kalyan Kumar Sen, currently working in Hutch. But most of the times I went alone and watch a few Akshay Kumar Movies or SRK Movies.

On one such day, I visited Jyoti Cinema in Lenin Sarani alone to watch a Hindi movie ( I don’t remember the name) . I sat on the ground floor and all around me there was many types of people. College bunkers, those dihatis, office bunkers and so on... One my left hand side there was a Bihari man, seemed to be somebody from the family of drivers and on my right was a man who slept throughout the whole movie. May be he came there to sleep in the AC rather than watching the movie.

Everything was fine and I watched the movie with great interest and all its twist and turns in the first half an hour. Then there was a song sequence when the whole audience was dancing with the latest dancing number of that time and whistles and claps filled the whole atmosphere. The man to my right was snoring away, dreaming about his "sapno ki raani" in the AC. I was at my usual self watching the song with my eyes wide open.

Suddenly I saw a hand come from my left hand side and touch my thighs and the hand rubbed my left thigh. As the hand went up and down, I was shocked with disbelief that this could happen to such an innocent boy like me from a "MAN". I lost my brains, my face went red, my hands shivering, my eyes went so wide that I was afraid my eye balls might fall on the hall ground and I would have to search for my eye balls just the way Shah Rukh searched for his spectacles in the film Baadshah, when he was slapped by Twinkle Khanna after the song "Woh Ladki Jo Sabse Alag Hai". I got so much afraid that my legs lost their strength and I felt weak. I thought that the headlines of the next days “The Telegraph” newspaper would be “A school boy molested by a dihati on Jyoti Cinema Hall……………”.

A voice from my within said to me "Don’t let this happen, dude. Get up and protest". I immediately gained lots of strength within me like He-Man and I got up and said to the dihati man next to me “Hey you moron, what do you think you are doing there. Just stop it, else I will have to throw you out of this hall”. Immediately the hand went away from my left thighs and everything was normal after that.

I had to sit beside that gay for the rest of the movie. I couldn’t get up from that seat because I paid 30 bucks to for that seat from my pocket money and the film was really too interesting to leave. I had been fortunate enough to get rid of that gay.

Another incident when I had an encounter with a gay was just some days ago,(Feb 2006) when I was chatting with my childhood friend Gaurav Poddar at our ‘paara’ near the ‘litti’ shop in Sashi Bhushan Dey Street.
It was just few weeks ago, we were chatting after I returned from office and my IISWBM classes near that ‘litti’ shop where Gaurav was merrily biting littis. I saw a well built man with ‘kajal’ in his eyes came to Gaurav and asked him in a female voice, for some money to buy ‘paan’ (beetle-leaf).

Gaurav was shocked to see this person come towards him and kept mum as I watched what was going on. As the man asked for some money, Gaurav said in Bangla “Sorry I have no money for you”. Hearing this, the man said, “Can’t you give some money to me for eating “paan?” Saying this, the man touched Gaurav head and blessed him saying “Bless you my son” and then with his two finger touched Gaurav’s nose and pulled it so hard that it went red and touched his cheeks and again said “Cant you give me some money?” The man was about to touch his chest when Gaurav shouted “Leave me alone”. The man slowly moved away. I was shocked to see the man doing this to the six feet friend of mine. I imagined what would happen to a five-seven guy like me, had I faced such a situation instead of him?

Later as I saw Gaurav’s face, going red with anger, I felt like laughing my heart out. Gaurav is a fair guy and so he went red very fast compared to normal guys.
Seeing this, I really laughed out loud, after I came back home.

Later I came to know from Gaurav that the man was a worker in a nearby “Aaloo-Chop” shop and he used to buy chops from that man. The man was indeed a bi-sexual and that day he/she was drunk and made my friend his prey. Poor Gaurav!!!

While I am writing these incidents I remember the boy in the film Rockford who used to dream that how the hostel principal being gay attacks him and rubs his hand on the poor guys back!

Every one of us must have faced such situations in their everyday life and I really pity those girls who have to face similar incidents from women as well as men in their day to day life inside buses, trains, long queues, crowded places, markets and every place one can think of. I really feel sad for them. But nothing can be done. This is life. It is my request to all the girls out there to “Protest such acts by the strangers. Don’t ever keep quiet. Raise your voice." We boys too face such incidents but less than what you do.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A cloudy day Today

Aha(but not the Air Hostess Academy one), I am back again. This posting is from my home as my office is closed and I dont like visiting office on holidays like other Quake players there. The whole afternoon I spent studying Permutaion-Combination and Probability. I have them in my MBA exams at IISWBM, Kolkata. Yes I am continuting my MBA along with my office.

Lets talk about Gayatri Joshi. I like her so much. Her eyes are really the best I have ever seen in my life after my (my LIFE) - the name is changed. Riddhima, is the code name by which I refer to the most special person in my LIFE till date. I will call her (my LIFE) , in this blog. I consider my mother to be the most beautiful person in this whole world followed by (my LIFE) and then Gayatri Joshi. Of course my Grand Mother, "Mum" is another beautiful lady.

I am really mesmerised seeing Gayatri Joshi (GJ). I saw her in some tv ads in the late 90s, then I saw her in one of the Miss Indias in the early part of 21st Century. She was also featured in the Santro Ad with my favourite hero Shah Rukh Khan. That was the day I started liking her more, more and more. Really, she is something! That is Gayatri Joshi. She is beautiful, simple, Indian Beauty, jovial, cute, sweet, a good human being, and above all my dream queen.

When I learnt how to create yahoo groups, I started a group on my class at college. Next group was a group on Yamila Diaz Rahi, the Brazilian Supermodel. Suddenly an idea came into my mind on 20th September 2004. I made the fan club of Gayatri Joshi, called Gayatri-Joshi-Fan-Club. Click here to go to Gayatri-Joshi-Fan-Club. The group started from 0 and now it has 773 members, and it is growing day by day.

Later GJ (Gayatri Joshi) acted in the film called Swades opposite Shah Rukh Khan. I was overwhelmed to hear the news of my best actor and my lovely lady are going to come together and make a film. It was such a great coincidence. Really. I love it a lot. People should watch Swades at least once in their life. If you havent seen it, then you should go and watch the movie. Though I havent seen the movie myself. Reason? Reason is simple. (My LIFE) did not go with me to watch the movie with me but went with her college friends. I was annoyed and made up my mind not to see the film. I can see it, only if she comes along with me to watch it.

But Gayatri had got married on August/September 2005 and now she is leading a happily married life with her husband Vikas Oberoi, a Mumbai based Real Estate Entrepreneur and a very good friend of our Action Kumar (Akhay Kumar)

Since then, GJFC - Gayatri Joshi Fan Club has died a natural death because all of its members have gone to a comma sleep, including me. But its members are increasing slowly and steadily.

Karishma (crazy_princess, as we all know her beacuse this is her login id) , the lady from Mumbai, the second moderator had played a great role in bringing GJ to GJFC. I had mailed GJ and she visited our Fan Club dedicated to her and liked it so much. I even created a website on our fan club and the url is Hope you will like it. This is how I am proceeding as the Moderator and Creator of Gayatri Joshi Fan Club.

I'll write more about our Fan Club later. Happy reading. Good Bye.

Time & date : Saturday, the 4th of March, 2006, 7.00pm in the evening.

Friday, March 03, 2006

My first serious blog

As the title suggests, this is indeed my first serious blog. Previously I had started blogging a few years back, I lost the track midway. Hope I will be able to continue with this. I am quite impressed by the blog of Abhinav. I dont know this guy, but the link was sent to me by Subha Sankha Roy of TCS. I read this whole blog from my office and I got inspired.

So I made up my mind that I would create a similar blog and express myself through it. So I had just created the blog from my office. All around me my colleagues and seniors are playing Quake 3 on the office network. I am not interested in such games, so I keep myself busy reading blogs and looking at the new events that are taking place at the Yahoo Groups. Yes I am the moderator of about 30 yahoo groups and also am the member of few yahoo groups. I will let you all, know the names of these groups sometime later.

I was listening to the great song "Main Tujhe Chor Ke Kahan Jaounga" by my favourite singer Kumar Sanu from the film Trinetra, when I saw our director coming out of his cabin. Instantly shut my Windows Media Player. As I was checking my mails, I saw an e-mail from Subha Sankha that had an image which had something written in Bengali and I opened it to see its contents. As I was reading it, without my notice, my office director Rahul Sharma, came behing me and asked me "So you can e-mail through Lotus Notes in Bengali also?" I was really shocked to see him behind me and this was the first time he spoke to me. I was really afraid. I replied, "No Sir, this is an attachment" He said "Oh, its an image." I nodded my head and said "Yes Sir". He went past me to see my seniors playing Q3. Now I was quite okay.

Now I would leave for my home. Ive got to meet Arjun Acharya, another friend of mine at my paara(Bengali for locality). I've got to check out why a computer game is not running in his machine. Sandeep Hazra another friend of mine at my paara has bought a new computer for 41K and I will be testing this new game in his computer. Hope it works fine. So lets wish you bye bye for today.........CYA.