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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Things I dislike in People:-

Things I dislike in People:-

There are many types of people in this world and out of them; some are intolerable, so much intolerable that one feels sick meeting these people. I am listing 10 such people whom I don’t like at all.

1) Address seekers: - There are some people who with a chit in their hand having some address written on it, stands in front of the same building whose address is in his hand and asks you “Could you please tell me the direction of the building mentioned on the paper?” They are so callous that they don’t see, the name of the building is written in bold letters in front of the building. Horrible!

2) Mr. Bad-Breath: - Some men in the bus that stands just beside you, facing towards you and exhaling all his bad-breath in your face. The amount of pungent smell that emits from their breath is enough to make you sick for the rest of your life with a severe pain in your stomach. It seems that all the garbage of their locality is dumped in this mans mouth! Don’t they ever brush their teeth? Eeeeks!

3) Eternal Diggers: - Some people who keeps on digging their nose, without caring where the are. At office, inside bus, in public places, wherever it is, they keep on digging their nose. Such people should get a job at once at the coal mines. Nasty people!

4) Grazing cows: - There are some of these chewing gum guys who keep on chewing, chewing-gums and blowing those bubbles out of it and bursting them when they are fully blown. I don’t know what pleasure they get in doing so. The amount of smell of pepper-mint that emits from their surroundings gives me head-ache.

5) Farting champions: - While walking on a deserted street, there are men in front of you, who suddenly stops walking, stand still, juts out their bum and farts so loudly that it is enough to produce so much gases, that a whole days meal can be easily be cooked out of it. I wonder how could people have such bad habits?

6) Sucking noisers: - Some people eat so loud. While they suck their food in through their hand or spoon, a strange pulling sound come out form their mouth. Something like “Sssssssswwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppp”. This sound is more profound when people drink liquid like tea, coffee or cold water and so on. Bloody suckers!

7) Leaking pots:- There are some people who pees every half an hour and they don’t care where they are doing it. Roadside, on the foothpaths, a corner of a building, anywhere………. So to keep the balance they drink water every 15 minutes to the water balance. Such people drink water more than what a hippo drinks inside water. They should be made to wear adult diapers to keep their biological process going.

8) Smelly Tots:- Such people after peeing comes out of the toilet and suppose you enter the toilet just after that, the amount of smell you get from the toilet can make you senseless then and there without any ifs or butts. Such smell can be a good alternative to tear-gas to drive away angry mobs by the Kolkata Police during Elections. He He.

9) Cell-phone dar-lings: - Such people keep on talking on cell phone through out the day. Usually these are girls and have lots of boy friends and so called brothers to call them and talk with then for hours and hours. Sometimes I wonder how people could have so much money to call somebody for long hours, unless they are calling a Tata-Indicom Mobile from another Tata-Indicom Mobile (Why? because its free locally) Sometimes I even think that such girls pretend to talk on the mobiles while in actual there is no one in the other side. These are ways to attract people.

From far, it seems that such girls are talking to you or some unknown object but when you come close to them thinking “Hurray! It’s my day today” and start dancing, then you find to your dismay that they are on their cell phone talking to their dear brothers. I remember there was an adv on the TV channels some years back, just like the above.

10) Button pressers: - There are these types of people who keep on pressing their cell phone buttons the whole day. May be they are playing games or may be they are checking out the functionalities of the cell phones but how long? Don’t they get bored with the same thing over and over again? Great tenacity! I should admit.

So, these are the 10 of those people whom I dislike the most. There are 100s of people of other types whom I dislike but I don’t remember all of them, and I will again write more about such people in some other post.

Disclaimer: - Another thing I want to say that I don’t fall under any of the above 10 categories and so please so not ask me any such question. Hope you have enjoyed this post.


Anonymous said...

man u r disgusting!



Woe-man I'm not disghusting. I have noted something among some disgusting people and what I put forward here are traits of their disgusting attitude and not mine.

Did you get me???

Ships said...

Hey... another one to ur list wud be the one's who sweat buckets n stand close or stick on to u in buses n trains during rush hours!


Welcome. Yes thats a very good example. Keep visiting Hotwinterz and keep posting here. Its nice to see you here.

Anonymous said...
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