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Sunday, March 12, 2006

sglasses.jpg Posted by Picasa


brad said...

Those were very practical things! :-) But you wouldn't want her to 'very' possessive about you. The moment you have a point of reference like Smita Patil or any other actress, you risk being judgemental, which is not a good thing. And after having all that you mentioned, what if you end up not loving her!?


Thanks (brad) for visiting my blog. I really like that special person to be possessive about me. Only then I can feel that I am secure. The same kind of security I felt which my parents had for me when I was a small child. At this age we miss those days.

By refering to a particular well-known woman I think I am making the picture of my to-be-wife clear among my readers. I have named 3 actresses as in India actress are more well known than the sportsmen except cricket ones or any other figure. Had I named Aparna Popat, only few would have understood about whom I am trying to refer.

If I find the person has all the qualities mentioned here, there is no reason why I would not end up loving her. Still if I think I cannot love her so much then I will at least try to be her good friend and time will help the love between us to grow.

MAKHTUB said...

aaaah vai

GJ had to be there in it na? But are u sure about ur possessive thingy? For most women its a turn off and it will lead u into a lot of arguments with u know who...

Anyways I sincerely hope u get her forever:)



Sure Makhtub,

GJ or Gayatri Joshi has to be there. Without her I cannot see my future. So my Riddhi is like GJ and my FUTURE.

Ya I would be the happiest perosn if somebody like GJ and my Riddhi is over possessive about me. I would love it.

Im my being possessive hurts my Lady, then I would try to be less possessive. You are correct, I already have some arguments with her regarding my possessiveness. But I dont know the cure.

True, I would like to get this lady as soon as I can.