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Monday, March 06, 2006


Gays are one of the most dangerous creatures one might come across and I recall few incidents when I met gays and ran away from them as fast as I could.

I used to visit cinema halls and watch films alone in those those days. those were school days when I was in class 11/12 or college days. Sometimes I used to visit the halls with my friends Kalyan Kumar Sen, currently working in Hutch. But most of the times I went alone and watch a few Akshay Kumar Movies or SRK Movies.

On one such day, I visited Jyoti Cinema in Lenin Sarani alone to watch a Hindi movie ( I don’t remember the name) . I sat on the ground floor and all around me there was many types of people. College bunkers, those dihatis, office bunkers and so on... One my left hand side there was a Bihari man, seemed to be somebody from the family of drivers and on my right was a man who slept throughout the whole movie. May be he came there to sleep in the AC rather than watching the movie.

Everything was fine and I watched the movie with great interest and all its twist and turns in the first half an hour. Then there was a song sequence when the whole audience was dancing with the latest dancing number of that time and whistles and claps filled the whole atmosphere. The man to my right was snoring away, dreaming about his "sapno ki raani" in the AC. I was at my usual self watching the song with my eyes wide open.

Suddenly I saw a hand come from my left hand side and touch my thighs and the hand rubbed my left thigh. As the hand went up and down, I was shocked with disbelief that this could happen to such an innocent boy like me from a "MAN". I lost my brains, my face went red, my hands shivering, my eyes went so wide that I was afraid my eye balls might fall on the hall ground and I would have to search for my eye balls just the way Shah Rukh searched for his spectacles in the film Baadshah, when he was slapped by Twinkle Khanna after the song "Woh Ladki Jo Sabse Alag Hai". I got so much afraid that my legs lost their strength and I felt weak. I thought that the headlines of the next days “The Telegraph” newspaper would be “A school boy molested by a dihati on Jyoti Cinema Hall……………”.

A voice from my within said to me "Don’t let this happen, dude. Get up and protest". I immediately gained lots of strength within me like He-Man and I got up and said to the dihati man next to me “Hey you moron, what do you think you are doing there. Just stop it, else I will have to throw you out of this hall”. Immediately the hand went away from my left thighs and everything was normal after that.

I had to sit beside that gay for the rest of the movie. I couldn’t get up from that seat because I paid 30 bucks to for that seat from my pocket money and the film was really too interesting to leave. I had been fortunate enough to get rid of that gay.

Another incident when I had an encounter with a gay was just some days ago,(Feb 2006) when I was chatting with my childhood friend Gaurav Poddar at our ‘paara’ near the ‘litti’ shop in Sashi Bhushan Dey Street.
It was just few weeks ago, we were chatting after I returned from office and my IISWBM classes near that ‘litti’ shop where Gaurav was merrily biting littis. I saw a well built man with ‘kajal’ in his eyes came to Gaurav and asked him in a female voice, for some money to buy ‘paan’ (beetle-leaf).

Gaurav was shocked to see this person come towards him and kept mum as I watched what was going on. As the man asked for some money, Gaurav said in Bangla “Sorry I have no money for you”. Hearing this, the man said, “Can’t you give some money to me for eating “paan?” Saying this, the man touched Gaurav head and blessed him saying “Bless you my son” and then with his two finger touched Gaurav’s nose and pulled it so hard that it went red and touched his cheeks and again said “Cant you give me some money?” The man was about to touch his chest when Gaurav shouted “Leave me alone”. The man slowly moved away. I was shocked to see the man doing this to the six feet friend of mine. I imagined what would happen to a five-seven guy like me, had I faced such a situation instead of him?

Later as I saw Gaurav’s face, going red with anger, I felt like laughing my heart out. Gaurav is a fair guy and so he went red very fast compared to normal guys.
Seeing this, I really laughed out loud, after I came back home.

Later I came to know from Gaurav that the man was a worker in a nearby “Aaloo-Chop” shop and he used to buy chops from that man. The man was indeed a bi-sexual and that day he/she was drunk and made my friend his prey. Poor Gaurav!!!

While I am writing these incidents I remember the boy in the film Rockford who used to dream that how the hostel principal being gay attacks him and rubs his hand on the poor guys back!

Every one of us must have faced such situations in their everyday life and I really pity those girls who have to face similar incidents from women as well as men in their day to day life inside buses, trains, long queues, crowded places, markets and every place one can think of. I really feel sad for them. But nothing can be done. This is life. It is my request to all the girls out there to “Protest such acts by the strangers. Don’t ever keep quiet. Raise your voice." We boys too face such incidents but less than what you do.

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