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Friday, March 03, 2006

My first serious blog

As the title suggests, this is indeed my first serious blog. Previously I had started blogging a few years back, I lost the track midway. Hope I will be able to continue with this. I am quite impressed by the blog of Abhinav. I dont know this guy, but the link was sent to me by Subha Sankha Roy of TCS. I read this whole blog from my office and I got inspired.

So I made up my mind that I would create a similar blog and express myself through it. So I had just created the blog from my office. All around me my colleagues and seniors are playing Quake 3 on the office network. I am not interested in such games, so I keep myself busy reading blogs and looking at the new events that are taking place at the Yahoo Groups. Yes I am the moderator of about 30 yahoo groups and also am the member of few yahoo groups. I will let you all, know the names of these groups sometime later.

I was listening to the great song "Main Tujhe Chor Ke Kahan Jaounga" by my favourite singer Kumar Sanu from the film Trinetra, when I saw our director coming out of his cabin. Instantly shut my Windows Media Player. As I was checking my mails, I saw an e-mail from Subha Sankha that had an image which had something written in Bengali and I opened it to see its contents. As I was reading it, without my notice, my office director Rahul Sharma, came behing me and asked me "So you can e-mail through Lotus Notes in Bengali also?" I was really shocked to see him behind me and this was the first time he spoke to me. I was really afraid. I replied, "No Sir, this is an attachment" He said "Oh, its an image." I nodded my head and said "Yes Sir". He went past me to see my seniors playing Q3. Now I was quite okay.

Now I would leave for my home. Ive got to meet Arjun Acharya, another friend of mine at my paara(Bengali for locality). I've got to check out why a computer game is not running in his machine. Sandeep Hazra another friend of mine at my paara has bought a new computer for 41K and I will be testing this new game in his computer. Hope it works fine. So lets wish you bye bye for today.........CYA.

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MAKHTUB said...

which blog of mine did u read on mouthshut?