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Saturday, March 04, 2006

A cloudy day Today

Aha(but not the Air Hostess Academy one), I am back again. This posting is from my home as my office is closed and I dont like visiting office on holidays like other Quake players there. The whole afternoon I spent studying Permutaion-Combination and Probability. I have them in my MBA exams at IISWBM, Kolkata. Yes I am continuting my MBA along with my office.

Lets talk about Gayatri Joshi. I like her so much. Her eyes are really the best I have ever seen in my life after my (my LIFE) - the name is changed. Riddhima, is the code name by which I refer to the most special person in my LIFE till date. I will call her (my LIFE) , in this blog. I consider my mother to be the most beautiful person in this whole world followed by (my LIFE) and then Gayatri Joshi. Of course my Grand Mother, "Mum" is another beautiful lady.

I am really mesmerised seeing Gayatri Joshi (GJ). I saw her in some tv ads in the late 90s, then I saw her in one of the Miss Indias in the early part of 21st Century. She was also featured in the Santro Ad with my favourite hero Shah Rukh Khan. That was the day I started liking her more, more and more. Really, she is something! That is Gayatri Joshi. She is beautiful, simple, Indian Beauty, jovial, cute, sweet, a good human being, and above all my dream queen.

When I learnt how to create yahoo groups, I started a group on my class at college. Next group was a group on Yamila Diaz Rahi, the Brazilian Supermodel. Suddenly an idea came into my mind on 20th September 2004. I made the fan club of Gayatri Joshi, called Gayatri-Joshi-Fan-Club. Click here to go to Gayatri-Joshi-Fan-Club. The group started from 0 and now it has 773 members, and it is growing day by day.

Later GJ (Gayatri Joshi) acted in the film called Swades opposite Shah Rukh Khan. I was overwhelmed to hear the news of my best actor and my lovely lady are going to come together and make a film. It was such a great coincidence. Really. I love it a lot. People should watch Swades at least once in their life. If you havent seen it, then you should go and watch the movie. Though I havent seen the movie myself. Reason? Reason is simple. (My LIFE) did not go with me to watch the movie with me but went with her college friends. I was annoyed and made up my mind not to see the film. I can see it, only if she comes along with me to watch it.

But Gayatri had got married on August/September 2005 and now she is leading a happily married life with her husband Vikas Oberoi, a Mumbai based Real Estate Entrepreneur and a very good friend of our Action Kumar (Akhay Kumar)

Since then, GJFC - Gayatri Joshi Fan Club has died a natural death because all of its members have gone to a comma sleep, including me. But its members are increasing slowly and steadily.

Karishma (crazy_princess, as we all know her beacuse this is her login id) , the lady from Mumbai, the second moderator had played a great role in bringing GJ to GJFC. I had mailed GJ and she visited our Fan Club dedicated to her and liked it so much. I even created a website on our fan club and the url is Hope you will like it. This is how I am proceeding as the Moderator and Creator of Gayatri Joshi Fan Club.

I'll write more about our Fan Club later. Happy reading. Good Bye.

Time & date : Saturday, the 4th of March, 2006, 7.00pm in the evening.


MAKHTUB said...

Hey Vai,

Nice to hear from u after so long, yea seems like ur mesmerised by GJ eventoday!lol...the grp has to be quiet since nothing much to do in there, I am really busy these days with my exams and papers!

Great to know that ur working well and tht riddhi n u are fine



Thanks Karishma. As soon as you are over with exams, you can take charge of the group again as before.

GJ is pregnant you know it. I came to know it from Times Of India.

Ya you have figured it right. I am still mesmerised by GJs beauty. She is someone I will never for get in next 10 births. She made me live during my days of saddness.

Im working well and got a lot to improve and my LIFE is okay. Thanks for remembering all of us.