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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sukumar Ray classic in English..............

Enjoy this Sukumar Ray classic in English...

In Posta, I heard it being said
That you are getting your daughter wed
That Gangaram is the groom to be-
Want to know his pedigree?
After all, he aint a bad man
Though his colour is highly tan.
The shape of his face is right
Like the owl that comes at night.
In studies, I would like to state
Its hard to find someone so great-
Nineteen times he tried to pass
The matric when he stopped at last.
Asset wise they are also fine
Being slightly over the poverty line.
His brothers are not at all bad
One's headstrong, the other's mad,
The third son was brought up well-
He forged banknotes and went to jail.
Playing tabla is what the youngest knows-
He earns five bucks from standup shows.
Gangaram is oft dow n in bed
With ailments of the spleen and head
But his lineage is a royal one-
His forefather being king Kansh's son
And Shyam Lahiri of Bonogram
is somehow related to Gangaram.
Now, of course, I feel, without a doubt
That a groom like him would make you very proud.

Disclaimer:- Friends, this is not my creation. The origin is unknown. I have received this from a colleague cum friend of mine at office called Arijit (Arijit Chowdhury) which he got from anothe senior colleague called Nabarun-da. (Nabarun Roy).

What ever it is this is a real classic.

Happy Blogging.

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