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Thursday, March 16, 2006

8 Things I want in my Beloved

I got this idea from ARANYI
8 Things I want in my Beloved :-

1. She should be Love me the Most in this Whole World and be possessive about me and marry me. (should not run away when asked to marry me because most girls of todays generation do this, citing examples like "I am a Career-istic Girl" and blah blah blah......)

2. Should be Intelligent and should understand me well.

3. Should look as good as Gayatri Joshi / Smita Patil / Chitrangada Singh. (Thin/Average, Tall and Dark Complexion.)

4. I am possessive and so she should be mine, mine and only mine. (Committed to me as I am to Her). Rest is up to me. I will surely handle everything carefully.

5. Should be able to cook food. Average would do as she can always learn. I too can help her out in this matter. I am a good assistant.

6. Should be a lady with many good qualities and a good singer.

7. Should be independent, confident, caring and a good wife.

8. Should be DEVI. ( DVC ) my BEST FRIEND and show respect to her and my parents and all elders. Possess good family values.

What about 8 things you want in your Beloved, friends? I tag all of you............... who are reading this post.


Aranyi said...

Haha, you're almost the most specific of all the ones Ive read!
Good luck in getting it all!


Thanks Aranyi for visiting my blog. I know I am very specific and that is me...HA HA

I would fight to get it all in one person.