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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Rising 1857 - The Sinking 2006

The Rising 1857

Yesterday, at last I saw the film “Mangal Pandey – The Rising” in the afternoon at Sony SET Max. It was a so-so kind of film. Nothing special. But the historic events made me see the film with interest. Aamir Khan really looked awesome and he really looked like Mangal Pandey. I could say this after watching the hand drawn picture of Mangal Pandey they showed at the end of the movie.

Gen. William Gordon was really a good chap. He always went on saving Mangal but at last Mangal hit Gordon at his right knee with his sword. That was really inhuman on the part of Mangal. I felt like cursing Mangal at that time.

Previously Gordon saved Mangal when Mangal fought with a gora-sahib for mis-behaving with Rani Mukerjee – the lady love of Mangal and the Naanchne Wali minus whore. When Gordon saved Mangal, the smile Mangal gave to Gordon, with blood in his mouth and face was enough to make Gordon run away in fear. But actually he didnt do it. Thank God else the film would have been more flop than it was.

The role (a jhalak) of Bahadur Shah and Rani Lakshmi-bai of Jhansi -played by Varsha the heroine of 80s was so real.

Another incident that made me go for the British Indian soldiers and against the gaon-walos were the Sati.(burning the widows in the pyre of their husbands, practiced by Indian-Hindus before the British came to rule India) Amisha Patel was going to be burnt in the pyre of her 90 yr old husband and this was saved by Gordon and Mangal. As soon as Gordon brought Amisha to his house, I got the signal that some chemistry is going to develop between these two. That is what happened. Both started romancing each other and started living together – just see that Live Together concept was prevalent with the British and Indians even in 1857. Todays teenagers think it is invented by them. Huh!

Rani Mukerjee was really looking hot & sizzling when she was being sold along with many other girls in the Market place and she was being watched by Mangal. Normally I don’t like Rani’s looks except in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Chalte Chalte but the above scene she was looking awesome. Sometimes she looks awesome but most of the times she is not that striking.

I felt like using “kacha-khisti ” ( using slang languages in Bengali) to the villagers and the British Indian soldiers for their fighting with the British just after Mangal’s hanging. Could they not do this before Mangal was hung to death? They feared the soldiers from Rangoon (currently Yangoon) like tigers or any other wild animal. Mangal requested all to fight against the British along with him but no one listened. Had they listened then, Mangal would have been saved. The hanging scene was really touchy. In that case we would not have seen this film Mangal Pandey because in India only dead people get their due recognition but a living man never gets it.

I liked the scene when Mangal said that he wanted to meet Rani and when their meeting was arranged on the roof top of the red light area building. This scene was quite romantic and Rani throwing her ghungroo to Mangal and Mangal picking it up was cute. It was a moment of Love.

The meetings of British Indian soldiers (sepoys) with the two Indian kings, one Marathi Hindu and the other Muslim at late night and their conspiracy against the British had a feel of Unity in it.

Over all I would rate the film 6 on 10 as the story line was not that free flowing. One who does not know the story cannot get the story by seeing the film. More historic events could have been added. The dialogs and drama was okay.

The Sinking 2006

Last evening I heard the sad demise of Mr.Anil Biswas the State Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxists). It was a sad day for all attached to him. Hope the Bengal Goverment finds his replacement soon. Its difficult. I know.

He was an orthodox party worker for the liberals and a liberal for the most orthodox veterans of his party. He was the architect of Buddhadev Bhattarcharjee Government.

On his death Mamata Banerjee (leader of the opposition party) said that though they had political differences, still he was a very good man and a good leader. Quite unbelievable. Na?

Another news I read last evening on The Statesman Newspaper and was shocked .In a small village in Rajasthan, a man and his family tortured his wife very much for not being able to give the mans family enough dowry after their marriage. The torture went to such a level that the wife complained that her nipples were brutally cut by her husband with a knife. After interrogation the husband said that he did it with his teeth. Just imagine. This is the amount of torture girls have to face from their men as well as others in their men’s family after marriage. Is there any Law and Order in this country? I doubt. I am in a loss of words and really can’t write anymore.

NB:- I will be away from Blogspot till the 28th of April 2006. It will be my hibernation period. Because of my Exams at IISWBM. Till then good bye. Please leave your comments here. I love to read them. I would be happy if you add my name and blog address in your blog. Bye and Thank You for reading the post. I’ll be back after 28th April, 2006. I promise, I'll be back. Love you all.


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Just see you are the first crap to leave a comment on my commentless blog.

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