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Monday, April 24, 2006


Some days ago, I went to my friend Sirshendu Mukherjee’s house at Durga Pituri Lane to get some of his Accountancy books for my "Accounting for Managers" Exam. As I was waiting for him in his study, my eyes went to a book called “imPOSSIBLE… …POSSIBLE…”. I took the book in my hand and started going through the pages.

At first, while looking at the book I thought this is one of those books sold in the Calcutta Book Fair, which talks utter rubbish and makes people believe in things which is known to all.
Reading such books is just waste of time, I felt and felt very angry for such authors and publishers who fool people with the idea of business and making some money out of it. I felt, even I can write such books in few days. Later I understood that it is not so easy as I think because one needs a great amount of motivating power, like the author of this book.

While reading the book, my eyes went to the last few pages, which made me like the book very much. These last few pages contained techniques to enhance your vocabulary power.
One of the words written was “ANCHORITE” and it meant “holy man”. The way one can remember the word meaning is that “Anchor switches” and a dummy sentence could be formed to get a hint of the meaning of the word. It goes on like this. First read the actual word. eg: ANCHORITE; Then get the associated word eg: Anchor Switches; Now remember the hint sentence. The hint sentence is “The holy man turned ON and OFF his ANCHOR Switches” So just when you remember the sentence you can get the meaning of the word “Anchorite” as the “holy man”. This way many words and their meaning can be learnt quickly and easily. Omigosh! What a way to remember things, mama ! (uncle). Gr8!

Reading this associative way of remembering words, I was really astonished at the method and liked it so much that I instantly became a great fan of the author of the book. The author of the book is “Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury”, India’s strongest memory man and 8 times Record holder in the Limca Book of Records, India's version of the Guinness Book of World Records. In total, he has penned 9 books on memory enhancement till date.

He has many memory books to his credit. To find out about his books one can search the
goolge The memory enhancement technique is just a part of the whole book. The book is mainly about having positive attitude.

One must think that I am marketing the book for Biswaroop but actually it is not so and I have started liking the book so much that that day I brought the book along with me to my home from my friends house and finished the book within 1 hour. It’s a great book for those who think they have negative attitude or those who think they cannot remember their studies, especially the GRE and CAT aspirants.

Infact, the book has made me much more confidant to face the world and have positive attitude in all the things I do. It has also made me reinvent myself. Now I am able to give my full potential to whatever I do. “Thank you Biswaroop”.

Biswaroop is also producing a film called “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” with unknown actors, in which the title song is being sung by my favourite singer, Mr. Kumar Sanu. Im really happy about it. The film is for the youngsters and people of todays generation. I too want his film to reach out to the masses and release as soon as possible. Its music has already released I think. I am totally with you Biswaroop in this.

He is eyeing for Guniess Book of World Records and my best wishes are always with him. “Keep on moving ahead like this” is what I want to say to Biswaroop if he is reading this blog of mine. “Really great going, Biswaroop”. To learn more info on Biswaroop one can visit this site. :

Just the other day I met one of my friend called Subhadeep Bhattacharya of IISWBM residing in Sukhiya Street. Seeing him, I remembered of Biswaroop as both resembled each other so much. I told him about Biswaroop but he could not understand what I said. I think I will have to show him this blog. What do you all say?

So Biswaroop, I simply want to thank you again for this grand purspose of making all of us learn the techniques of memory enhancement which like I call Memory Management. Happy Memorizing!

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