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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How boring I am?

How boring I am?

I am till date the most boring person I have ever met in my life. Yes it is true. That is why I do not have any girlfriends. Girls like to befriend a boy who has good sense of humour. I never had a good sense of humour. I have never understood what a sense of humour is and I find the concept very silly. Many of you will feel “Oh from which planet this creature belongs to?” reading this article, but believe me this is me (HOTWINTER).

I have never been among group of friends. Nowadays I see in various academic institutions, offices, people tend to form groups and enjoy themselves in groups. I had never been a group man. Being in group gives me a high temperature. I just don’t understand what these groups are for and what advantage do I get from a group. May be because of my boring self, I have never been given admission to a group.

My LIFE has also termed me as the most boring person she has ever met. My boring nature is so intense that I can never create jokes among friends or make other laugh at my jokes. Yes people do laugh at me but when they find me trying to create jokes and failing at each attempt. Thus I make a joke of myself.
When my friends crack jokes, everybody laughs except me. I don’t laugh because sometimes I don’t understand them, and at times I don’t feel like laughing at the silly jokes. I find them silly.

After spending some time with me people understand the amount of boring glows I radiate. They cannot leave me at once for the moral values they possess, but after that day, they do not ever like to meet me.

Take for an instance, I receive an sms from a friend and the poor guy spends Re 1 in expectation of receiving back a complimentary sms from me. But I being a miser and a boring guy, never sms back to this friend of mine. In frustration the friend breaks all contacts with me. This has happened with me several times.

There was another friend of mine, Anirban Chatterjee of Harish Mukherjee Road (near Harish Park) in Bhowanipore, who used to give me a missed call every night. He did this for 6 months. I never felt like giving him back a missed call. Seeing this he broke all contacts with me now. Now he is in Chennai doing his MBA. He even tried to give me missed calls from Chennai but in vain. Now there is no news of him.

Coming back to “how boring I am?” , you all should know that if you make me stay in any place, all alone by myself, for a whole day or for many days, I have no problem till I get proper food and proper toilet facilities. I can stay in a lonely place, without anything interesting around me rather nothing around me of my interest, all alone by myself. I really have no problem. This is me.
One question might have come to your mind by now, what will I do then in that confinement? Yes I will think about many things, my past, my present and my future, about different people, different things. I will also sing my favourite Kumar Sanu numbers and I will be the spectator.

If you call me and talk to me over the phone, you will understand how boring I am. I repeat each and every thing about 10 times, to be absolutely confirmed about the things I have doubt in my mind. I might even suspect you of something which you have not done. I am a great suspicious person and suspects people who are really not worthy of suspicion. So, are you getting, how boring I am?

When I was under training at my office, I bored my bosses so much that they seldom spoke to me and raised their eyebrows when the saw me. So I was made to sit along with people of other departments, even though I was working for my department. Ha Ha.

During my training my seniors and bosses asked me some questions regarding my area of work. The answers I gave to them were so frustrating that they got very angry at me and cursed me at their mind. I always gave them the wrong answers, or linked something with another thing which do not at all have any resemblance. This is again me.

I never took studies seriously in my school. I used to think, “What will I do by studying so much?” I am not going to conquer the world. Now I understand how fool I was then. I still repent for not studying then. In college I again started studying and did reasonably well only because of my LIFE’s motivation.
While at school I never had good rapport with the teachers. My friends used to put OIL (not the OIL INDIA LIMITED ) on the teachers so that they got good marks in the exams. Even when they received the checked answer-scripts, they ran after the teachers and begged for 2/3 more marks. I never did so since it was not my nature and I never felt like doing so.

That is why my friends got good on/off campus placements at respected companies with high salaries but I had to wait for 1 year to get into this small job (with all respect to the idea that no job is a mere job) of mine.

I never had any aim, ambition(No not the bike by Hero Honda) in life. Never. Still I don’t. Even if I have some, the environment, situation, circumstances do not let me achieve my goal. My goal is also averse to my reaching it.

By now you might understand what kind of a creature I am. All the above qualities I posses gives a boost to my being such a boring person.
That is why I always say, “My posts are boring and I am more boring than the boring posts”. Good bye.

My office,

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