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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bloodshed At Nandigram

It is a matter of shame, the way 50 people had been brutally murdered by the police firing at Nandigram. No one, not even the police has the right to take anyones life. These people were innocent people who were fighting for their lands. It is their legal right to fight for their lands which is being confiscated by the Government.

Think it in this way. Say you are living in your home since your birth and your father is living there since his birth and about 100 years ago your grandfather had bought the land. So you have mentally attached to your home and your land as your grandfather, your father had spent their whole life in building the house and developing the field so that you can live there in peace with your family.

But one day what do you see? You see that the Governement is going to shatter your grandfather's and your father's dreams and confiscate your land to make it a Chemical Hub and that too by firing the women and children protestors. Its a matter of shame in a democracy. No one would like to part away from their ancestral property, not even the people who run the Government.

If the government has to creat Special Economic Zones (SEZs) they should go for barren lands and areas where there are least productivity. Killing innocent people just for the sake of industrialization is not the right way of doing it. (It might be the LEFT way). No, this is not done.