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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mistakes to be avoided at Workplace

It's important to behave professionally at office. No matter how laid back your boss is, or how flexible your timings are, there are some things that you just cannot do at work.
To avoid getting into any tricky situations at work avoid these five office blunders:

Watch out
You need to be careful of what you say about your previous organization. Don't keep saying how good your previous work place was. This is as bad as telling your current boyfriend that you and your ex-boyfriend were soul mates.
Praising your earlier workplace not only displays a lack of loyalty to your current organisation, but it will also make you look silly. If you loved your old job so much, why did you leave it?

No career planning

Sure, everyone's got their life chalked out, but it's best to keep your plan under wraps. No one in office will appreciate it and who knows, your backstabbing colleague may even apply for the post you wanted!

No blame game

Playing the blame game is dishonest, childish and likely to get you into serious trouble. It's hard to accept a mistake but it's even worse to lie about it.

In addition to this, your lying won't go down too well with colleagues. You will just end up finding yourself increasingly alone at lunch time.

Don't gossip

As much as you are tempted to spread the latest bit of juicy gossip about your boss, it's best to maintain a dignified silence. It's unethical and unprofessional. You don't want to be labeled a big mouth.

Take rest

Sure, you want to look like a martyr but the admiration your boss and co-workers will have for you won't last long. The inevitable coughing, sneezing, hacking and sniffling coming from you will get on their nerves.

And, when germs are involved, they probably won't believe in 'sharing is caring'.

If you follow these simple tips at work you'll probably make a good impression and climb up the corporate ladder faster than you expected to.

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