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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sanat Kumar Chattoraj is no more with us.

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My grandfather, Sri Sanat Kumar Chattoraj is no more with us. He left the world on 2.30 am on Sunday the 10th of September, 2006. He was almost 90 years old. He left back 2 sons, 5 daughters and his wife Smt. Nirupama Chattoraj. The elder son is my daddy. So I am his elder grandson.

He breathed his last at B. R. Singh Hospital, Sealdah, Kolkata at Intensive Care Unit, where he was under ventilation, 7 days before his demise. He also had a catheter fitted to his body and he was made to eat through Ryles tube for the past 1 month.

Before being shifted to B. R. Singh Hospital, he was undergoing treatment in a private nursing home for the last 20 days at Calcutta Heart Clinic& Hospital at Salt lake City, Kolkata near tank no 12.

In fact, he was not well for the last one year mainly due to ageing and he had a cerebral attack one year ago. After that, he lost the power of recognition. He used to talk to himself the whole day and whole night. He lost his short term memory but still had his long term memeory intact. Thus he used to go on speaking, what was in his mind, from the past.

3 months ago, one day suddenly his health deteriorated and he was admitted to the nursing home. There he was treated, but his health never got better. It became worse day by day. He was shifted to home 1 month later but again after some days he was taken to the nursing home.

In one word he suffered a lot in the last 2 years. At last he got rid from all the sufferings.


Sri Sanat Kumar Chattoraj was born in an orthodox Brahmin family in a small village near Asansol in Samdi Colliery area in Burdwan district of West Bengal, in the year 1916 on 29th day of Bengali month "Baishakh".

His fathers name was Sri Kumudeshwar Chattoraj. Dadu also has an elder brother who is still living in Burnpur town with is wife. His name is Purna Chandra Chattoraj. He has no son of his own but he adopted a son called Nitish.

Dadu had BA Degree in Bengali and a dual MA in Bengali and Sanskrit. His name is found in the list of Pandits in the holy book of Hindus called "Panjika" or "Paanji" in Bengali. He was a learned man and a great philosopher.

He lost his father at the age of 3 and his elder brother was 7 at that time. His mother brought him up and dadu by his own carried out his studies at school. He did his schooling from Ethora High School, Ethora, a place 25 miles away from Samdi. Later he passed the School Final Examinations and did his Graduation from Burdwan University and his Post Graduation from Calcutta University.

His mother was very strict lady. Due to her strictness, dadu covered such a long way in his life. Later he joined as the Sanskrit Teacher in Deshbandhu Vidyalaya Boys School, Chittaranjan and after some years of tough life he was promoted to the post of the Principal in the same school.

He has a long list of successful students. Many are, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Managers, Teachers, and so on. This is something to be felt proud of.

He had a tough life in bringing up his 2 sons and 5 daughters. I personally Salute such a noble man. I really feel proud to call such noble man my Grandfather.

He used to tell me "WE ARE BORN TO LEAD OTHERS AND NOT TO BE LEAD". In the last few years before his demise, he used to recite few lines of a poetry of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore.

It said in Bengali: -
"Udayer Pathe Suni Kaar Bani,
Bhoy Nai Ore Bhoy Nai,
Nish-shey-shey Pran,
Je Koribe Daan,
Khoy Nai Taar Khoy Nai".




Arindam said...

Really touching... may his soul rest in peace...

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