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Friday, May 05, 2006

Dream-z Unlimited…

Dreams have their own meanings. Believe it or not.

I have read somewhere that there was a superstition in India that if somebody dreamt of a toad, then he was sure to become the next king of his country after defeating the current king. Seeing a kangaroo in your dreams foretells unexpected and exciting trips. People often see themselves falling from a great height in their dreams.

One needs to be a Para-Psychology Specialist to figure out the meanings of these dreams.

Can any one of you tell me, what happens if one dreams of an aeroplane / helicopter?

Some of you may say that dreaming of aeroplane/helicopter means one wants to be free and will be traveling to far of places, soon.

But dear, my dream is a bit different.

Let me explain. I had dreamt two uncommon dreams recently. Both of the dreams were in the dawn and people say that dreams of dawns turn out to be true. I’m really scared if they are true.

The first dream I dreamt was on around 5.00am in the morning on 21st of April, 2006.

Dream 1: - The Burning Aeroplane.

On a very special day (some occasion day), my daddy and I were waiting on the balcony of our 2nd floor room for some guests to arrive at our home. This balcony faces the western sky and I saw a plane approaching from north to south in the western sky.

As the plane was just in front of us in the western sky, I showed my daddy that how spectacular sight it was to see a plane from so close a distance. Both of us were staring at the plane and enjoying its beauty.

Suddenly there was a loud sound “BOOOOOM” and a flash of light. The sound seemed like an explosion and soon the whole plane was burning. Just after the sound the plane fell down on the river Ganges just in from of us in a projectile motion.

I was really very afraid to see such a horrifying sight. My heart cried for the innocent passengers inside the plane.

Within 5 minutes news channels like India TV, Aaj Tak, Doordarshan News, CNBC, BBC, NDTV, Sahara Samay, CNN, Headlines Today started telecasting the news. Bengali news channels like Star Ananda and Kolkata TV also showed how the plane exploded and fell into the Ganges.

I even saw people running here and there, in panic and the city streets were filled with RAF. Thus there was tension and fear all over peoples mind.

Dream 2: -
The Crashing Helicopter.

The 2nd dream I dreamt was on around 4.00am in the morning on 28th of April, 2006.

It was dawn and all of us were sleeping in our beds and suddenly we heard a loud sound over our head and our building started shaking as if there was an earthquake.

Someone shouted that something had happened on the terrace of our neighbour’s house. I ran at our terrace and saw that on the terrace of our neighbour’s house, a helicopter has crashed and it was in flames. It has made a big hole on the terrace and entered the house.
So only the tail could be seen.

Seeing this sight I ran towards our third floor and saw that due to the effect of crash, our wall adjacent to our neighbour’s house, showed huge crack marks. The vibration was so intense that it shook all the buildings and made a hole on our third floor ceiling too.

I was struck with horror. Again I saw people running here and there with stretchers and understood that our neighbours have been injured. Every one was panicked. Police vehicles, ambulances were waiting with their hooters on and revolving searchlights.


I don’t understand what these two dreams actually meant. I myself don’t believe in superstitions and so did not give much attention to these dreams.

But I’m sure that my blogger friends would like to read about these dreams, so I thought of posting them here. Hope you can figure out the meanings of my dreams.

If any of you have similar dreams then let me know. I would love to read them.

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