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Monday, May 01, 2006

Taliban = Duryodhan - MURDABAD

The recent brutal killing of an Indian Engineer named K Suryanarayana in Kandahar, Afghanistan by the Taliban has outraged all Indians and the whole world.

Suryanarayan, 41, from Hyderabad was an employee of the Bahrain-based company. He was abducted from Zabul province, where he had been working on a telecom project.

When I heard this incident, some names immediately came to my mind like :-

Afganisthan of Mahabharata times = Afganishtan of Modern times,
Talibans = Duryodhana the eldest son of Kauravas,
modern Kandahar = Gandhar town of Gandhari, Duryodhana's mother,
from the name of the place Gandhar, the name Gandhari.

Yes some of you have understood what I want to say.

Duryodhana, the eldest son of Kauravas (who was defeated by the Pandavas in the great battle of Kurukshetra in the epic called Mahabharata) had no difference from the Talibans.

Duryodhana during his times was like the Talibans of today killing innocent people, having no respect for women, attrocities, reign of terror all over and terrorism.

Both Talibans and Duryodhana have similar qualities. "Harassing innocent people". Yes Duryodhana's mother Gandhari was from Kandahar(originally called Gandhar which sounds similar to Kandahar), which is now in Afganisthan. So more or less, Duryodhana has some ties with Kandahar and Afganisthan.

So it is clear that the way Duryodhana had bitter feelings for the Indians of that time, today's Talibans are no different as both belong to the same place. They feel worse for the Indians. So Indians take it easy and dont get surprised if Talibans try to cause harm to you as it is inherited by them from the times of Mahabharata starting from Duryodhana.

I wonder when the modern Pandavas will wipe out the modern Kauravas from causing harm to we Indians. But "history repeats itself" and we are confident that Pandavas will again come and wipe out these modern Kauravas, may be in the form of Indian Army.


Diana said...

hey thanx for dropping by my blog...waise ur blog is nt that boring...will read all ur posts after a while...thanx again



Thanks for visiting Hotwinter-z. You are always welcome here to read my boring posts.

Im too visiting your posts in our blog. Ive discoved it just today.

just_a_girl said...

Yes! its so brutal what they do!! and how our govt wasted time pondering wheter to rescue him, and how much to pay the Taliban.. and we lose a life.
Now they'll gibe a meagre 5 lacs to the enginee'r's family.
No amount of money can cut the pain of their loss..
Reminds me of Daniel Pearl.
These terrorists are atrociously cruel.



Hi and welcome to Hotwinter-z.

True, these Talibans are once again at their peak.

Indian Government couldnt save this innocent man's life. There are thousnds of Indians working in Afganisthan and I dont know what is the Indian Govt doing to rescue them.

Hmmm, Daniel Pearl was the earlier victim of the Talibans.

Dont know how to get rid of them. (worried)

Keep visiting Hotwinter-z.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Very nice analogy.

Really Taliban are modern days Kauravas.



Welcome to Hotwinter-z.

Its nice to see you here. Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting Hotwinter-z.

Dh@v@! said...


"Its god's responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations,its our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them n god!!- The Indian Armed Forces."

Indian Army will wipe out modern kauravas



Welcome to Hotwinter-z.

Ha. Ha. Quite humerous reply. Yes, the Indian Armed Forces shall definitely make the meeting between modern Kauravas and God possible. Im sure.

Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting Hotwinter-z.

callme9 said...

I too felt really bad for Suryanarayanan and his family. I was following the progress, and believe me, never had any belief that those 'curse in the name of mankind' (Taliban or whatever they call them to be..) would be humane enough to leave the poor unarmed felllow. Damn it.. these killers are nothing but cowards and find pleasure in slaughtering by name of Jehad. I pray to god .. 'May the gods curse fall on them'..