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Sunday, May 14, 2006


This the month of May and in Kolkata, it is the hottest month of the year, when the temperatures rise to about 52 degree celsius. I see people sweating all through out the day. Those who can afford air conditioners, it is okay for them but those who don’t have it or cannot afford one are the victims.

Before 1997, there used to be power cuts (popularly known as load shedding in this part of the world) every day for a definite period of time. Now it has almost become nil. This proves that our country is progressing in terms of basic amenities for the city dwellers. But nothing could be done to cope with the hot, humid weather.

I have noticed some queer thing in this Hot, Humid Weather.

Yes, people in this hot weather are getting angry. So much angry that it is reaching great heights and people are taking some unnecessary big decisions. Just in the similar manner, my LIFE had a fight with me two days ago and decided to leave me forever. After that she did not receive my calls or talk to me. I have planned to stay away from her till the next season arrives.
Normally girls get much angrier because they take complete bath once a week, which is responsible for keeping their head burning. So boys, stay away from them till monsoon.

Our neighbours are our relatives and they have a son and a daughter around 10 years old, who fight among each other almost through out the day making queer loud noises. Every time someone from our house hears those noises, they raise their eyebrows and try to imagine from where could such strange noises come out and their reason without much success.

It was noticed that in this hot season, the fights between this particular brother and sister have risen considerably.

Even the mother of these two children had a quarrel with her mother in law on the day when it recorded the highest temperatures in this season.

The hot-talk fever grasped my home too. My dad was really angry on me one day and started scolding me for some unknown reasons. I was in a pathetic situation. Neither could I leave my important work and go outside our home, nor could I concentrate on my work.

My maternal grand mother (MUM), also had a hot talk with my mother over some issues like domestic help and so on…….of which I had no interest.

My sister also was so angry at her exam preparations that she almost planned to stop laughing for the next two months till her exam results come out.

These are many such incidents, which took place around me in the last few days, which made me think over this issue seriously. I thought and thought over it for hours and at last came to a conclusion, why people are getting so much angry and involving themselves into hot-talks and quarrels.

Yes it is the HOT, SUNNY weather that is nagging us all to raise our blood pressures and do things, which are not meant to be done.

Only one remedy can be prescribed for such a disease. Take lots of bath in a single day in cold water or get yourself dipped in the nearest swimming pool till you are contented that your anger has reduced.


its me said...

yet this hot sunny weather is the weather of cool evening breezes, of lots and lots of ice creams... and of MANGOES...
wat more can you want???


#its me
You are correct. Ice creams and Mangoes make us like this season. Yes the cool breeze is so "dil ko chuu lene wala". I agree with you.

Thanks for visiting "YUDKB". keep visiting and posting ur comments.

adsguasgd said...

well temp here is -52 Celcius and i m from kolkata about 15 Kms away 4m u, just take a bus and come here to experience the cold

Rose said...

WOW!!! this is sum hot season... Im sure the heat in Kolkata wud rise way above 52 degrees.. :D

"Normally girls get much angrier because they take complete bath once a week, which is responsible for keeping their head burning. So boys, stay away from them till monsoon.".. WHAT????? I thot that abt boys...





Salt Lake is more hot during the noons of summer. Just take a normal walk from one island to another during a hot summer noon. You will understand what I am saying.

the temperature might rise beyong 52. Yes you are correct.

//WHAT????? I thot that abt boys...

Ya, there are some boys who do it but most oare girls. Because girls dont want to wet their long hair everyday(in fear of not being able to dry them fast), they do not take a complete bath. So they get more angry. Their head do not get the water and become more and more warm.